June: Tradition Keepers

06/01/2021 - 06/29/2021

Tradition Keepers: A Women's Exhibition

This June we are proud to present Tradition Keepers, a group exhibition honoring and celebrating women of the Pacific Northwest Coast– their contributions, vibrancy, and creative spirit. Women are the essential source of life. They are incredible leaders, protectors, and healers. They are the teachers who pass on knowledge both present and past, while giving support and encouragement to the next generation. Through stories from long ago, through language and songs, and through art, sacred traditions are handed down by mothers, aunties, grandmothers, and community. Women are the warriors who pave the path for their children. The life lessons imparted on future generations are all wrapped in tradition–a bridge between past, present, and future.


06/30/2021 - 07/31/2021

Light & Dark

One of the enduring dualities or dichotomies of humankind is the relationship between light and darkness. Many creation myths in the west involve light emerging from darkness, while many destructive myths involve darkness engulfing light. Light and dark are opposites, but there is never one without the other.
Over the millennia, darkness has become associated with evil, hell, fear, death, power, negativity, and irrationality; while light is thought of in terms of goodness, heaven, peace, righteousness, life, positiveness, and rationality.
As a practicing artist, I will say that my creativity emanates equally from the unfettered, unconscious dark side of my being and from my rational light side. Once a raw, creative idea emerges from the darkness, my conscious, rational mind shapes and fine tunes it into a finished product.
The work in this exhibit explores light and darkness from a number of points of view, many alluded to here. In most instances I have actively attempted to strike a balance between light and darkness.


08/05/2021 - 08/28/2021

Thomas Stream

We are super excited to show off Thomas Stream’s newest original gouache paintings on paper. You’ve got to love it when the artist pivots away from his unique, signature piece that he has added to his paintings over the years. You know the Aleut Hunting Visor that he often adorns one of his animals? Well in these new pieces they are not placed on the animals that take center stage in his work. Rather you will see it more subtly in his signature. As always, the vibrancy in his work reflects his love and respect for his Sun’aq Aleut heritage. Come marvel and inspect how he uses pointillism and symbols in each of his pieces. We are so honored to celebrate Thomas Stream!