Exploring the Human Condition

09/07/2023 - 09/30/2023

A Solo Exhibit of Artwork by Hib Sabin

AN EVENING WITH HIB SABIN: Friday, September 8th
Doors open at 6 pm.
Talk will begin at 6:30 pm.
Seating will be limited! Please RSVP to Reserve your spot!  
Call (206-405-4040) or email (art@stoningtongallery.com) to RSVP.

This September Stonington Gallery presents Exploring the Human Condition, a solo exhibit of Hib Sabin’s latest works. Throughout his artistic career, Sabin has entwined his cerebral explorations through literature, history, politics, and his time as a shamanic practitioner with his carving practice. He has also long had a connection with animals and their symbolism as spirit figures and guides. The raven has been of particular interest to Sabin. The raven is a metamorphic figure seen as a creature that straddles the line of trickster and teacher, good and evil. Sabin embraces this in his sculpture by frequently tapping into the transformative nature of the raven to represent specific people or humanity in the modern day. 

This exhibition analyzes the relationships people have with each other and the overall state of humanity. Sabin touches on themes of connectedness, mortality, and everyday hurdles while confronting us with questions and cautions of what our future could be.


10/05/2023 - 12/02/2023

An Annual Group Glass Exhibit : 2023


Thursday, October 12th

Doors open at 6pm

Talk starts at 6:30pm

Tickets $20


SEATING WILL BE LIMITED, tickets not refundable.

Email us at art@stoningtongallery.com or call us at 206-405-4040

This October and November is the return of Stonington Gallery’s annual glass exhibition: Luminosity. Highlighting the incredible development of Northwest Native Glass Art, Luminosity is a testament to the movement that ties the contemporary medium of glass with ancient imagery of Native cultures.