02/26/2021 - 03/27/2021

5 Generations Exhibition: Dennis Allen, Andy & Ruth Peterson, Andrea Wilbur Sigo, Trelace Sigo, Florence Sigo, and Malynn Foster

In Pacific Northwest Native cultures, stories pass from generation to generation. Children learn the ways of their ancestors through the quiet, gentle teachings of their parents, grandparents, aunties, and those actively keeping traditions alive. These children, in turn, having carefully learned, appreciated and absorbed the wisdom from the past, further passing these same customs, conventions, and practices down to their own children. It is this torch, this sharing, this perpetual giving to the next generation that keeps these rich and vital art and cultural traditions alive–built firmly upon these closely knit, familial relationships. Stonington Gallery is honored to feature artwork in March by five generations of artists in one family. The Wilbur Peterson household was always and remains to this day the quintessential artists’ household. Skokomish artist Andy Peterson and his wife, Ruth, are both skilled and prolific artists. Read more to learn how Andy’s great-grandfather Henry Allen influenced his life, but also how Andy taught his father Dennis Allen, his own family and now their grandchildren. It is a remarkable story of cultural revival and thriving in the art world throughout our region.