Qwalsius Shaun Peterson: Where the Moonlight Meets the Water

Qwalsius Shaun Peterson (Puyallup) debuts a body of new prints on paper and aluminum panel in “Where the Moonlight Meets the Water”. The digitally-designed works are illustrations for a forthcoming book on reimagined Coast Salish myths, “Killer Whale-Wolf & the Isle of Women,” created with Andrea Grant (Coast Salish). Peterson focuses on individual characters from Salish myths in many of the works, building the images from a dense layering of transparent colors and shapes. Peterson revisits familiar stories and flips their perspectives, excavating new meanings and motives from archetypes.
Peterson has been hard at work designing monumental works for the Seattle Waterfront, and large-scale installations for the Puyallup Tribe’s Emerald Queen Casino. Other works by Peterson can be seen in Tollefson Plaza in Tacoma, and at the University of Washington.
Special Event:
Qwalsius Shaun Peterson & Andrea Grant
March 25, 6:30pm / Free to attend
Contemporary Coast Salish artists Andrea Grant and Peterson join us to preview stories and illustrations from their forthcoming collaborative book, “Killer Whale-Wolf & the Isle of Women”. Illustrated by Peterson and written by Grant, the book re-imagines traditional stories from various Coast Salish peoples and re-tells them in the modern day. 
“The idea of mortals being touched by the divine is universally fascinating,” writes the Manhattan-based Grant. “This collection of stories highlights the aspect of what would happen if someone’s life was changed through being called to a higher adventure, interacting with the ancient gods, goddesses, and animal spirits.”
Andrea Grant is a Canadian-born writer and multimedia artist of mixed-blood Native ancestry. She merges words with visuals and audio through the media of poetry, spoken word, and comic books.  In 2009, she published her first poetry collection “The Pin-Up Poet,” a re-invention of classic female stereotypes in a postmodern context. In 2011, she launched “MINX: Dream War,” a graphic novel series that merges Native American mythology with contemporary fantasy. 

Exhibition Dates:

March 5, 2020 - March 29, 2020

Involved Artists:

Qwalsius Shaun Peterson

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