Super Moon – Artist Proof

Limited Edition Giclée
  |   $230

“This is my first work that merges my photography into my printed work. In Aug. 2014 the Super Moon was out, and I rushed around my small town snapping shots with my Canon 70d trying to get as much as I could with my family in the car. A few days after while discovering I’d misplaced my engraving tools after prepping silver, I took it as a sign to make this print idea I had going. For those unfamiliar, the moon is a pivotal figure in Puget Sound Salish mythology. The English translation for his Salish name is Changer or Transformer. It is this aspect of my heritage that inspires me to look at the moon in the way that I do. I in turn share this with those who have such a draw to it. With that again many thanks for supporting my art.” -Peterson