05/01/2017 - 05/28/2017

Salish Sound Waves: A Group Exhibit of Cutting-Edge Indigenous Visual Artists

Stonington Gallery will be in the epicenter of the inaugural Upstream Music Festival this May, taking place in Pioneer Square May 11-13. In the spirit of the festival, we present artists who use motion, energy, vibrant color and an edgy design sensibility in their work to convey the cultures, environment and contemporary spirit of the Northwest.


  • Raven Skyriver Hits the Studio with a Salmon Commission

    This past weekend we had the opportunity to join Raven Skyriver (Tlingit) and his team at PRATT Fine Arts Studio to watch him blow a salmon as a special commission for a client. Salmon have become an iconic creature for Raven to blow in glass, and watching him use a cage punty (shown below) on […]

  • Masks 2017: Courtney Lipson Gives Us A Peek Into Her Process

    Courtney Lipson (Adopted Tlingit/Non-Indigenous) has developed an incredible micro-mosaic technique to bead on carved wood. In this excellent video she shows us the technical brilliance, patience and commitment it takes to conceive and create a beaded mask for our upcoming group mask exhibition, “Masters of Disguise”, opening June 1st. This mask is a collaboration between Courtney and […]

Welcome to Stonington Gallery

HomeStonington Gallery exhibits an exciting collection of contemporary masterworks from the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. Serving Seattle since 1979, the gallery is respected for the depth and quality of its collection, exceptional service and knowledgeable staff. For visitors wishing to understand the character of Seattle and the wider Northwest Coast, our gallery is a rich cultural introduction, and proof of the vibrant, living indigenous cultures of our region. Our mission is to provide the ideal environment for the presentation, enjoyment and understanding of premier contemporary art of the Pacific Northwest Coast and Alaska, and to foster greater appreciation for these artforms. Our commitment to educating the public and advancing the appreciation of Northwest Coast art has led us to exhibit at museums, convention centers, government buildings, SeaTac airport, the Seattle Aquarium, art fairs, and as far away as Nantes, France.

       Detail in top banner from a Scott Jensen box.