On the Hunt

04/03/2024 - 04/27/2024

On The Hunt: A Group Exhibition explores artwork that focuses on Pacific Northwest Indigenous hunting and fishing techniques and what they look like today. Outside of exploring depictions of tools like halibut hooks and reefnet anchors, this exhibition will also honor the animals native to the PNW and their many uses in contemporary native artwork. The elk and deer are animals traditionally hunted for food though they were, and still are, used for much more. The hides are tanned and used for drum making, dance aprons and leather straps, the antlers are used as the handles of rattles or as inlay in carved panels, masks, and sculpture. The killer whale is revered as the embodiment of the hunt. Many canoes are carved with the killer whales character to bring good luck to their hunting and fishing endeavors because of this association. On the Hunt brings together these traditions and animals from many different Pacific Northwestern and Alaskan native artists to celebrate this deep traditional knowledge and create connections between contemporary depictions of hunter and prey.


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  • Dan Friday featured in Netflix show “Blown Away”

    Dan Friday, Lummi glass artist represented at Stonington Gallery, is one of the contestants in Season 3 of the glass-blowing competition show “Blown Away.” Season 3 will be available for streaming on Netflix starting this Friday, July 22. Congratulations, Dan! View Currently Available work By Dan Friday Learn More about Blown Away

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The gallery staff acknowledges that the gallery and larger city of Seattle occupies unceded Duwamish lands.

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