02/06/2020 - 02/29/2020

Crystal Worl: On the Water

We begin our 2020 exhibition season with a show of original paintings and carving by the Juneau-based mixed media artist and entrepreneur Crystal Worl (Tlingit/Athabascan). The core of this exhibit are eleven original watercolors Worl created for the new trilingual children’s book, “Cradle Songs of Southeast Alaska”. The book includes lullabies in three languages–Tlingit, Haida, and Ts’msyen–and is newly available for wide release. These vivid watercolors are celebrations of communication between generations, and their bold colors connote the joy and strong sense-memories of childhood.

Online Exhibition

01/27/2020 - 02/29/2020

Bears spend much of the winter in a state of torpor–a slightly less intense version of true hibernation–and they’re a rare sight until spring. That’s why we’ve decided to shine a spotlight on these majestic animals during winter 2020, as a reminder of their power, grandeur, and important role in the ecosystem. Even if humans don’t enter torpor in winter, we can certainly understand the allure of remaining “in the den” during this time of year: staying warm and comfortable, delighting in good food and nourishing activities, and laying low with friends and family. Enjoy these works in many styles and media honoring bears of all kinds: fierce or gentle, cozy or roaming, protective or welcoming.

Annual Framing & Framed Art Sale – EXTENDED!

01/15/2020 - 02/29/2020

Winter 2020

The Stonington Gallery employs a full-time framer, the wonderful Terry Upshall, who frames 99% of the flat work you see in the gallery. But did you know that we will also frame works you bring in to us? Terry uses conservation-grade materials and is available each Tuesday-Saturday for consultations.

From Jan 12- Feb 28:
-Take 20% off all new framing projects, regardless if they are work purchased in or out of the gallery.
-Take 20% off the framing cost of all framed works in the gallery. We pre-frame many prints, paintings and flat media, and this is your opportunity to knock down the framing price and take home a piece ready for hanging.
-Any flat work you purchase with the gallery automatically qualifies for 20% off the framing costs if you choose to frame it with us.


  • Dan Friday in “State of Glass” by Visit Seattle

    In summer 2019 Visit Seattle selected Dan Friday (Lummi) as just one of three pivotal glass artists to highlight in their online series, “State of Glass”. We were paid a visit by the All is Well crew, who were filming the short doc for Visit Seattle, and it was a ton of fun selecting works […]

  • Watch the Git-Hoan Dancers Perform at Our 40th Anniversary Celebration!

    It was a thrill to host the Git-Hoan Dancers at our 40th Anniversary, and to watch their incredible dances and songs. The Dance Group is led by David A. Boxley (Ts’msyen) and included David R. Boxley and many other talented performers. Watch their performance below, and enjoy!

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HomeStonington Gallery exhibits an exciting collection of contemporary masterworks from the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. Serving Seattle since 1979, the gallery is respected for the depth and quality of its collection, exceptional service and knowledgeable staff. For visitors wishing to understand the character of Seattle and the wider Northwest Coast, our gallery is a rich cultural introduction, and proof of the vibrant, living indigenous cultures of our region. Our mission is to provide the ideal environment for the presentation, enjoyment and understanding of premier contemporary art of the Pacific Northwest Coast and Alaska, and to foster greater appreciation for these artforms. Our commitment to educating the public and advancing the appreciation of Northwest Coast art has led us to exhibit at museums, convention centers, government buildings, SeaTac airport, the Seattle Aquarium, art fairs, and as far away as Nantes, France.

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