Equilibrium: A Group Exhibit

As the seasons change from one to the next, as we move from equinox to solstice and back again, we are reminded of the things we’ve come to rely on as constants in our life on this beautiful earth: the return of longer, brighter days; green leaves returning to trees; bees returning to pollinate our crops; salmon returning to their birthplace to spawn and begin a new life cycle. We are reminded that, we too, are again beginning another cycle–one that depends fully on an equilibrium in nature.

Stonington Gallery’s group exhibition this June, Equilibrium, focuses on the earth and the many aspects of nature in which we find meaning and power and the importance of bringing about balance in an ever-changing environment and ecosystem.

Many of us in the last couple of years have, in fact, become more acquainted with the natural world. However short or long one’s connection to the earth may be, there is no question that the earth as a nurturing source of energy and life is in a state of transformation. Are we at a point of no return? Or can we help to raise awareness in ourselves and others about the importance of returning to balance?

Visit Stonington Gallery to see artworks ranging from panels, paddles, drums, paintings, and pieces of jewelry–inspired by the earth’s Equilibrium.

Exhibition Dates:

June 2, 2022 - July 2, 2022

Featured Works