Isabel Rorick: The Awakening

DSC_7656_0Like her great grandmother, Isabella Edenshaw, Haida weaver Isabel Rorick has set the standard for spruce root weaving for the next generation. Her work will be studied and analysed for its fineness, difficulty and spiritual quality. Weaving of this sort is a rarity and we are fortunate to be living in the time of Isabel Rorick.

The Awakening is an exhibit featuring Haida weaver Isabel Rorick’s famed spruce root weavings. In her artist’s statement, Rorick speaks of the need for an awakening of how we treat our world:

It is with great conviction that this show comes, because we are amidst great changes here in time. The world as we know it is going through massive changes. The weather, the way we grow food, the way we package and process food, the way we communicate.

It is a world that is spread very thin and there are a lot of things that are not following the sacred way things were meant to be. The land is not honored in the sacred way it was intended for use. Our water deserves tender care and protection.

There has to be a lot of the old ways restored to honour our mother with the prayers the songs, the dances, and all the practices that the Native people practiced in endless time: we are all hungry for our way home, our home is in all aspects of our life.

Exhibition Dates:

October 2, 2014 - October 31, 2014

Involved Artists:

Isabel Rorick