Colors of Summer

One of the splendors of living in the Pacific Northwest is having four distinct seasons. However, when spring transitions into summer something remarkable happens in our neighborhoods. Mount Rainier pops against the blue sky. Sunrises and Sunsets seem to linger and paint the heavens even if for a short time. Farmers Markets teem with people looking for healthy food and buying locally sourced fruits and veggies. More people are outside walking and taking in the opulence of our flowers that are blooming and all of birds that seem to announce a new day! These Colors of Summer remind us of the beauty that surrounds us and that we are very blessed to live in a place of grandeur.

We are super excited to show off Thomas Stream’s newest original gouache paintings on paper. You’ve got to love it when the artist pivots away from his unique, signature piece that he has added to his paintings over the years. You know the Aleut Hunting Visor that he often adorns one of his animals? Well in these new pieces they are not placed on the animals that take center stage in his work. Rather you will see it more subtly in his signature.

As always, the vibrancy in his work reflects his love and respect for his Sun’aq Aleut heritage. Come marvel and inspect how he uses pointillism and symbols in each of his pieces. We are so honored to celebrate Thomas Stream in his latest body of works, Colors of Summer!

Exhibition Dates:

August 5, 2021 - August 28, 2021

Involved Artists:

Thomas Stream