Rick Bartow: Paintings, Monotypes, Drypoints, & Sculpture

Rick Bartow’s art is cathartic for both artist and viewer. His bold, spontaneous and expressionistic approach allows the viewer to access and experience the process where art is made, both psychically and physically. The energy and dissonance exerted on the canvas and paper is frenzied, even manic, mirroring life’s challenges and chaos. And then it is worked through; Bartow (Wiyot) has immersed himself in the deep and calming waters of his native mythology, its connectedness to the natural world, and the mythic characters who inhabit it.

Balance is found and restored as revealed in the clarity and focus in the eyes of Bartow’s characters. They often gaze beyond the present; their sights resting peacefully on something just out of view: a future that appears to hold the possibility for solidity and peace.

Exhibition Dates:

April 1, 2010 - April 30, 2010

Involved Artists:

Rick Bartow