Birds of a Feather

Known as respected messengers of wisdom and knowledge, birds have captivated the human imagination for thousands of years for their unique form, colors, migratory patterns, coexistence with nature, and spirit. From Eagles to Ravens and Hummingbirds to the mythological Thunderbird, these feathered creatures figure prominently in Pacific Northwest Coast art and culture.

Whether representing family crest figures on totem poles or worn as ceremonial masks, the representation of birds among the tribes of this region continue to inspire with universal messages of creativity, bravery, humor, forgiveness, tolerance, love, and sacrifice, which encourage us to be gentle and kind toward ourselves and each other.

Birds are symbols of hope and transformation and often take on the form of spirit guides, reminding us to look to the future with hope or look within for strength. The many prints, carvings, and drums depicting birds of all kinds will be landing in Stonington Gallery’s May exhibition and will offer a unique opportunity to examine Pacific Northwest Coast art in the contemporary form through the lens of mythology and culture.

Exhibition Dates:

May 5, 2022 - May 28, 2022

Featured Works