Raven Headdress (2003)

Red Cedar, Cedar Bark, Acrylic Paint


Birds of a Feather

One of the most central of creatures to many of the peoples of the Northwest Coast is Raven. Raven is known as the Creator, Transformer, Hero, and of course, the Trickster. Raven put the sun, moon, and stars into the sky, fish into the sea, salmon into the rivers, and food onto the land. He controlled the tides to ensure access to the many foods that the beach and tidal pools provide. Raven also gave the peoples fire, water, placed the rivers, lakes and cedar trees over the land, as well as discovering and aiding the emergence and birth of the First Peoples. Raven is distinguished by a fairly long, straight beak with a slight curve at the tip. A circle in the partially open beak is a reminder that Raven stole the Light and released it into the world for the benefit of all creatures.