Gift of Creation

Limited Edition Giclée on Stretched Canvas


Birds of a Feather

“In the art tradition of the Coast Salish peoples there is an object called the spindle whorl. It is a wooden disc with a hole in the center which a wooden shaft travels through and the weaver rests on their lap while spinning in their hands. This object is a necessary tool for transforming gathered wool into material that is then used in making blankets, vests, headgear and other regalia components all of which were worn by individuals of substantial high ranking families. The spindle whorl itself is often made of hardwood such as maple or alder, incised carved with a design that the weaver associated with personally. Today that concept has been translated into painted drums, paintings and etched glass works, retaining the design motif of a circle with a central relief circle integrated within the design. This piece in particular honors the women of our society. The woman in this piece is protected on either side by Thunderbirds that were often carved on these objects and were known as powerful beings in our ancestry. It is to demonstrate the level of power that women carry as the givers of life as mother, grandmother and protector.” -Shaun Peterson / Qwalsius