Hummingbird Bentwood Chest

Open Edition Hand Carved Bentwood Yellow Cedar Chest, Acrylic
  |   $4,000


Birds of a Feather

This piece is available for purchase, but will be on loan for an upcoming exhibit at the Lauren Rodgers Museum of Art in Laurel, MS from May 1st  – August 4th, 2024.

Because this is an open-edition piece, it is available to special order for the same price.


The Bentwood Box is a uniquely fabricated container in which a single plank of wood is grooved where corners are desired. The wood is made pliable with heat and moisture and bent to form a four-sided shape. Wooden pegs or laces secure the two ends. The Native people of the Pacific Northwest Coast, including parts of southern Alaska, western British Columbia, and southern Washington traditionally produced Bentwood Boxes. The Hummingbird This beautiful tiny bird once abundant on the West Coast is known by the whimsical name “Sah Sen.” Contemporary in style, the Hummingbird represents friendship and playfulness. The Hummingbird is a well respected symbol in many cultures often signalling good luck and good fortune. Historically, seeing a hummingbird was considered a positive sign prior to events such as hunting or traveling. Legend further expresses the Hummingbird as a creature that gave the stars their twinkle and that catching hummingbird guarantees your choice of a mate.