Beneath the Waves

Stonington Gallery invites you to dive below the surface with our July exhibition Beneath the Waves featuring art that celebrates the beings who call the ocean their home.

Artists represent the powerful entities who control the ocean and its bounty in Indigenous traditions, such as the Chief of the Undersea world in Kwakwaka’wakw legend, or Sedna, Mother of the Sea in Yup’ik stories. These powerful figures are often associated with the riches from the oceans, reflecting the interconnectedness between those on land and those under the waves.

Dangerous denizens also lurk; the Giant Pacific Octopus, who, like the mythic Kraken, capsizes boats, bringing seafarers down to the depths in Tlingit legend. Or Pugmis (the Wild Man of the Sea), who commands fear and respect as he attracts the spirits of those who have drowned.

More familiar faces, such as the Harbor Seal, Sea Turtle, and Orca, can be found swimming through the art of the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. These creatures are often known for accompanying figures from legends on their travels between land and sea, helping bridge the two realms.

These works honor the vital coexistence between the lives of our aquatic neighbors, and our own ashore.


Exhibition Dates:

July 1, 2024 - July 27, 2024

Featured Works