Hib Sabin: The Other Side of Silence, The Far Side of Time


Exhibit opens Thursday July 5th. Exhibit will be installed July 1-5.

Santa Fe sculptor Hib Sabin (Non-Indigenous) returns to Stonington Gallery this summer with a brand new body of sculpted juniper and limited edition bronzes exploring the ideas of sleep, dreams, the subconscious and the landscape of the afterlife.

Sabin‘s early works dealt primarily with shamanism and shamanistic paraphernalia, as he learned about healing and mythology from sources in Africa, Australia and Central Asia. His mid-career works turned to mythology and mythological characters from around the world; a field where he could explore similarities between myths across cultures and glean a deeper understanding of myth-making. Researching Homeric gods to Native American tricksters and beyond, Sabin was able to create his own idiosyncratic pantheon of birds and mammals that go past their original foundations and into a global mythos.

Now, in his mid 80s, Sabin turns to the writings of philosophers, poets and songwriters to consider their ideas on life, death, the choices we make throughout our lives, and the preparations one makes for leaving it. Sabin uses bird forms as stand-ins for the human soul–and the many facets of one soul–to explore these ideas as he begins to face his own mortality and investigate the difference between age, aging and agelessness.

Exhibition Dates:

July 1, 2018 - July 29, 2018

Involved Artists:

Hib Sabin

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