Red & Black

A Group Exhibition on the Power of Color

dsc_4059The deep power of black and the cleansing peace of red are dominant colors in Northwest Coast artwork. Red and black are utilized by tribal artists up and down the Northwest Coast, both in secret ceremony and in the most modern of designs. Black pigment—the background to most formline painting—was traditionally derived from grinding black iron oxide, or from charring animal bones. Red pigment—used for the inner details of figures—came from hematite, vermillion or red lead. These pigments were then mixed with salmon egg oil to produce a durable paint that found its way onto wood, stone and metal objects.

Stonington presents a selection of works by artists who pay homage to these graphic, bold colors and the power they invoke.

Exhibition Dates:

April 5, 2012 - April 28, 2012

Involved Artists:

Neeka Cook, Joe David, Alano Edzerza, Jay Haavik, Scott Jensen, Maynard Johnny, Jr., Adam McIsaac, Duane Pasco, lessLIE Sam, Sheldon Skillie, Thomas Stream, Joan Tenenbaum, Henry Van Calcar, Owen and Janet Walker, Loren White

Featured Works