The Sky World: Winter Invitational Exhibit


Opening Reception: December 7th, 2017, 6-8pm

“The Sky World” completes the three-year series of group exhibits began by “Resurgence: Rivers” and continued by “Into the Woods: Forests”. Now we look to the sky to finish this cycle of winter group shows focusing on the indelible ecosystem, landscape and mythic heritage of the Northwest.

The Sky World theme offers a rich number of possibilities. Since the dawn of civilization mankind has looked to the skies and tried to make sense of our place in the immense, extraordinary and magnificent universe. Draw your eyes up to the heavens and contemplate all the ideas the sky, the atmosphere, the weather, the planets and stars present.

Some of the Coast’s most important mythological characters are denizens of the sky, such as Raven and Thunderbird. These myths gave explanation and meaning to the celestial bodies and events. The sky has layers: lower down it brings us weather, wind, fog, rain, rainbows, lightning, snow, thunder. Higher, we encounter the aurora borealis and the many-named clouds. Highest of all we pass into realm of comets, the moon, the sun and planets, distant stars, space and time itself. What lies above has always stirred our imaginations and souls in a profound way. Each generation is stirred and moved by the beauty and fragility of our skies.

Exhibition Dates:

December 4, 2017 - January 4, 2018