Raven & Eagle: Love On the Northwest Coast

We conclude 2009 with a group exhibit that speaks to our love of the Northwest Coast. The Stonington Gallery artists have spent their lives immersed in the mythology of the Northwest Coast. They are the finest artists of our time and their singular effort to honor the Raven stories and other myths will bring a brilliant and stunning finale to the year!

Exhibition Dates:

December 3, 2009 - January 30, 2010

Involved Artists:

Melonie Ancheta, Robert Barratt, Joe David, Ray Dudley, Jean Ferrier, Chloe French, Scott Jensen, Adam McIsaac, Ann Morris, Daniel Morsette Jr., Isabel Rorick, Thomas Stream, Angela Swedberg, Joan Tenenbaum, Henry Van Calcar, Hib Sabin, Owen and Janet Walker, Jean Regal Westgate

Featured Works