Online Exhibition: The Hope of Spring


Though the Stonington Gallery physical space will be closed until at least April 1st, we can still share the work of our fantastic artists with you! (We are also working from home, and reachable by email and phone during business hours.) We are thinking of you all and sending each of you our love and very best wishes.
As so many of our daily routines are interrupted, please find time to be outdoors and enjoy the early signs of spring. In the Northwest we are savoring our springtime rituals as nature responds to the lengthening days. The steelhead are returning to their rivers. The robins are in our parks and gardens. The Indian Plum blossoms are nourishing the Anna’s hummingbirds and native bees. The sun paints the woods a light-dappled green. Soon, the frogs will fill the night air with their beautiful chorus and herald one of Planet Earth’s most glorious events: springtime.
We know how much you look forward to your visits to Stonington, and we hope this online exhibit will bring you joy. Please let beauty touch your days. Take a walk, savor nature’s gifts, listen to beautiful music, and know that life will get brighter for you and all of us.

Exhibition Dates:

March 16, 2020 - April 16, 2020

Featured Works