Enduring Spirits: Pacific Salmon Forest

Limited Edition Serigraph
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Salmon weave through Coast Salish culture and communities like rivers through the coastal rainforest. This is the web of life that connects the oceans to the trees of the Pacific Northwest. The story of orcas, salmon, bears and trees illustrates the sacred link in the Pacific Salmon Forests. Even before salmon swim up rivers and streams to spawn, their bodies, in one way or another feed entire ecosystems. Living here on the Northwest Coast, it is apparent to me that the air I breathe is part of this amazing transference of the enduring spirits of these salmon. These salmon, among other species, complete the circle of life. My vision for this piece was inspired from spending the winter in the Cariboo last year. A river never sleeps.

-Susan Point

This piece can be framed with the materials shown in the detail photo. Exact framed piece has sold.