Unmasked: A Group Exhibition

The mask is an ancient and magnificent object among the Indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast and Alaska, important because of its use in ceremony, performance, healing, and family wealth. While many cultural objects combine utilitarian functionality with refined beauty, few objects are as iconic to this region’s art and culture as masks.

The idea of wearing a mask has been drastically altered in recent years; but, as we now begin to unmask, it is time to refocus our attention on the masks that inspire and astound us.

A mask has many jobs to do: be aesthetically striking, convey the supernatural or physical qualities of a particular being or character, tell a story, and capture a life force. They can be large or small, articulated to represent transformation, they can be painted or not, and they can be created in a variety of media.

With the works in this exhibit, which will range from traditional carved wood masks, to ceramic or bronze masks to paintings inspired by masks and more, we hope to delight and enchant visitors and viewers with complex, astounding visions of these incredible objects.

Exhibition Dates:

December 1, 2022 - January 28, 2023

Featured Works