Haida Masters

The Stonington Gallery will feature contemporary Haida art in March, including a rare opportunity to view and collect a limited edition Bill Reid 22kt cast gold “Grizzly Bear Medallion and Chain,” 1972. The Haida are from British Columbia’s Queen Charlotte Islands and are respected for their refined and elegant art traditions. The late Bill Reid is considered by many Canadians to be their country’s foremost artist and, as such, is featured on their twenty dollar bank note. Few of Bill Reid’s works are available for viewing outside of museum collections, most notable collections at the UBC Museum of Anthropology, the Provincial Museum (Victoria) and the new Bill Reid Art Gallery (Vancouver).

Stonington Gallery will aslo feature in March works by other leading Haida masters including a new sculpture, “T’samuus,” by Robert Davidson; spruce root weavings by Isabel Rorick; and argillite carvings by other well-known Haida artists.

Exhibition Dates:

March 4, 2010 - March 27, 2010

Involved Artists:

Bill Reid, Robert Davidson, Isabel Rorick, William Bedard, Deborah Head, Gary Minaker- Russ