The Gifts of Trees

A Group Exhibition

As the sap begins to run we pay tribute to the indigenous trees of the Northwest and the myriad objects into which they are transformed. The iconic bentwood boxes, delicate halibut hooks, towering totem poles, ocean going canoes, and graceful woven basketry of the Northwest Coast peoples could never have been without the presence of these majestic trees. This group show presents works that honor the versatile uses of indigenous trees, as well as the traditional tools used for centuries to carve wood into enduring objects of beauty and power.

Exhibition Dates:

June 2, 2011 - June 30, 2011

Involved Artists:

Nathan Gilles, Jay Haavik, Allie High, Karen Reed, Karen Reed, Hib Sabin, Joan Tenenbaum, Jean Regal Westgate, Ray Dudley