Honoring the Trees Rattle

Spruce Root, Yellow Cedar, Abalone, Paua, Robin Feathers, Metal Stand


The Gifts of Trees

At the top of the rattle are the three concentric rings that are Isabel’s signature.
Below her signature are two rows of plain weaving.
Then there is a band of four rows of 3-string twining. This band represents the sky.
In the middle section of the rattle are different size V-shapes that represent birds. Isabel included birds since they are as important to the life of trees as the trees are important to the life of birds.
The section below the birds is made up of four rows of skip stitch representing the earth.
Below the band of earth Isabel was originally going to weave a section to represent rain, but instead the section represents water in general, and specifically the ripples on the surface of the water. This change came about one day when she was riding a ferry and looking out at