An Annual Group Glass Exhibit : 2023


This October and November is the return of Stonington Gallery’s annual glass exhibition: Luminosity. Highlighting the incredible development of Northwest Native Glass Art, Luminosity is a testament to the movement that ties the contemporary medium of glass with the ancient imagery of Native cultures.

This year we are featuring new works from Dan Friday, Preston Singletary, and Raven Skyriver along with two other incredible Indigenous artists working in the medium of glass, Raya Friday and Lillian Pitt. 

The glass art on display for the next two months is rich with vibrancy, movement, and meaning. From traditional baskets blown in glass to breathtaking realistic Pacific Northwest wildlife to the Warm Springs petroglyphs–the life and light that glass brings to these objects is unparalleled. These works are an artful mix of contemporary glassblowing techniques with the traditions that are rooted deeply in each artist’s heritage.

Exhibition Dates:

October 3, 2023 - December 2, 2023

Featured Works