Post-Apocalyptic: A Solo Exhibition by Kari Morgan

Kari Morgan (Nisga’a)

Stonington Gallery presents a solo exhibition titled Post-Apocalyptic: A Solo Exhibition by Kari Morgan featuring carvings, paintings, and prints by Nisga’a artist, Kari Morgan, starting Thursday, April 7-Saturday, April 30, 2022.

As an emerging artist, Morgan’s minimalist artwork is both sharp and fluid, bringing a contemporary vision to traditional Northwest Coast design. Morgan’s work explores her First Nations identity and art as a tool for healing.

“Post-Apocalyptic is a reflection on traditional Northwest Coast Art and its flourishing position in modern-day uncertainty,” said Morgan. “Just like the current changes to the structure of society as we know it, traditional Northwest Coast Art has had its share of multifaceted catastrophes and adversaries.”

Despite Native art having been outlawed and attempted to be removed from Native People’s knowledge in the past, it has survived. As a result of this survival, much of Native artwork was influenced by the modern times with the use of new subject matters, materials, and designs. Simultaneously, many of these artworks take inspiration from the essential four elements painted with a modern twist both in style and color, illustrating how we are all connected.

The Native art form, like its creators, has overcome many challenges for centuries, surviving by adapting and using undeniable strengths. Native art blends the complex classic tradition with nuances of modernism through the use of colors, subjects, and styles that highlights the beauty of its exclusive origin and resilience. Native art today expresses a unique style while holding strong to Native roots after a long cultural apocalyptic winter.

Learn more about Kari Morgan and view her previous artwork at Stonington Gallery.

Exhibition Dates:

April 7, 2022 - April 30, 2022

Involved Artists:

Kari Morgan (Nisga’a)