ALASKA — Life of the Arctic Tundra

Alaskan Sculpture and Basket Weaving

With Stonington Gallery’s annual foray into ALASKA, we are delighted to introduce a body of exquisite finely coiled grass baskets by Central Yup’ik weaver, Jane Wiseman. Jane gathers a variety of grasses along the banks of the rivers near her village in Chefornak, Alaska. She hand treats and dyes the grasses and dedicates hours to weaving beautiful lidded and open baskets, bowls, and trays.

The exhibit will also feature a breathtaking collection of new whalebone and ivory carvings from the Bearing Sea Inupiaq and Siberian Yupik carvers. Masterfully carved walrus ivory tusk and whalebone totems by Siberian Yupik artist Edwin Noongwook of Savoonga, St. Lawrence Island, whalebone dancers and hunters by Shishmaref Inupiaq artist Bill Jones; large whale scapula carvings by Inupiaq artists Edwin Weyiouanna and Richard Olanna; as well as a variety of other whalebone and ivory carvings from other Eskimo artists reflecting their lives and their culture.

Exhibition Dates:

August 7, 2008 - September 27, 2008

Involved Artists:

Jane Wiseman, Edwin Nunguk, Thomas Sockpick, Tony Weyiouanna Jr., Wilbur Kuzuguk, Alvin Amason, Moses Soonagrook, Richard Olanna, Roy Sockpick, James Uglawook, Jerome Saclamanna, John Tetpon, Loren Geary, Matthew Tiulana, Edwin Weyiouanna, Frank Kuzuguk, Fred Nayokpuk, James Omnik Jr., Aaron Oseuk, Albert Olanna, Bill Jones, Charles Pullock