Raven Skyriver: On the Brink

Solo Exhibition

salmon-mog-13-002-sizedRaven Skyriver’s masterful use of glass to capture the strange and beautiful essence of Puget Sound sea-life confirms that his artistic star is swiftly on the rise.

Skyriver (Tlingit) grew up on the shores of Puget Sound and has cultivated a lifelong obsession with the aquatic life forms of the Northwest Coast.  In “On the Brink,” he expands his repertoire to include land animals, such as Frog and Raven, creatures deeply iconic to the Tlingit and all tribes around the Northwest.

Through his vividly rendered glass creations Skyriver reminds us that we are tied to the ecosystems around us, and the panoply of life which they nurture. Not all of the animals represented in his work are endangered, but all are deeply impacted by the presence of the human population. The detailed perfection of his animals brings home the urgency of his message: we must be aware of our impact, lest we tip the balance and lose these incredible creatures forever.

“On the Brink” also indicates Skyriver’s unique perspective in the world of contemporary glass and Native art: at just 28 years old, this innovator has a finger on the pulse of two traditions, and stands in a liminal place of exciting change and interaction. Drawing upon the education he received through working with glass maestri William Morris, Karen Willenbrink-Johnsen and Lino Tagliapietra, these experiences allow him to realize his works with remarkable technical complexity and heart.

Exhibition Dates:

February 3, 2011 - February 26, 2011

Involved Artists:

Raven Skyriver