A Vision of Northwest Excellence: Works from the Rose Collection

Opening Reception: First Thursday, February 4th 6-8pm

We are honored to present select works from the Rose Collection, a private estate of Northwest Coast art by some of its finest practitioners. Collected with a keen eye for excellence and elegance, this top-level collection includes early and mid-career works by Northern and Southern artists. For collectors of grandmaster Bill Reid, this is exhibit is an opportunity to find an original stone lithograph and etching, as well as a complete folio of his Haida Myths series. Early works by Christian White, Don Yeomans and John Livingston allow insight into the evolution of their techniques. And exquisite recent works by Susan Point and Napachie Sharky are gems in this treasure trove.

Exhibition Dates:

February 4, 2016 - February 27, 2016

Involved Artists:

Jay Simeon, John Livingston, Susan Point, Bill Reid, Napachie Sharky, Christian White, Don Yeomans, Derek White