Marvin Oliver – Solo Exhibition

Exhibition Dates:

November 4, 2010 - November 27, 2010

Involved Artists:

Marvin Oliver

Featured Works

Marvin Oliver is the personification of the Northwest Coast art renaissance. As artist, curator and teacher he has shaped and influenced contemporary regional art from every direction. His large public art sculptures contribute to Seattle’s dynamic cultural experience, while his experimental nature and vast cultural knowledge are a catalyst for a body of work that literally breaks the mold. Blown glass Shaman Spirit Boards, a blown and fused glass Tlingit Style Warrior Helmet, Quinault Clam Gathering Baskets woven from molten strips of glass, and an 8 foot bronze Orca dorsal fin are each included in the body of work Oliver has created for his November Solo Exhibition at the Stonington Gallery. Oliver has led the way towards integrating new media with the protocols of the ancient arts of the Northwest Coast, and has done so with a master’s eye for authenticity, beauty and spirit. We look forward to sharing this exhibition with you. Exhibit tours with gallery staff may be arranged with one day’s notice.