Born of Myth and Fire II: Celebrating Northwest Coast Art in Glass

October - Group Exhibit

Opening Reception on First Thursday, October 5th, 6-8pm.

Show will be installed between Monday October 2-Wednesday October 4.

The Northwest’s hot love affair with glass has been smoldering for 40 years, and only grows in intensity as new artists are drawn to the flame.

In the 1970s a pair of Venetian glass artists visited a little artist camp on Mt. Pilchuck, WA. There they spilled the secrets of Italian glass-blowing to a generation of young American artists, and a movement was born. Venetian expertise and American experimentation combined explosively, and shattered notions of what glass art should be, and who could make it.

Echoes of that contact continue today, as the Northwest’s artists produce some of the finest glass art anywhere in the world. That artist camp became the Pilchuck Glass School, where glass creators still go to learn, collaborate and teach. Many of the artists in this exhibition are current faculty or alumni of the School.

Glass is a transformative material: it must be heated and gathered, blown and shaped, cooled and refined. Smooth and clear, rough and opaque, delicate or dense, it changes its form many times as it finds its ideal shape.

The legends of the Native peoples of the Northwest are similar: they change their properties as they are retold and re-imagined, and we turn them over and over to reveal new facets and truths. What better modern material to use, then, to render the characters and cultures of the Coast than glass?

Northwest Coast myths tell us that Raven (that trickster) stole the Sun from where it had been hidden, and hung it in the sky. Though it sparked and burned his beak, he held on until his work was done. Today, we’re grateful for its light and warmth. Like Raven, the glass artists in this exhibition feel the burn of tired muscles and the searing heat from the glory hole. But they, too, hang on until their works of beauty are done. And for that we are also grateful.


Exhibition Dates:

October 1, 2017 - October 29, 2017

Featured Works