Fundraiser Raffle: Win A Framed Print by David R. Boxley



Join the Stonington Gallery on June 3 and 4 as we raise funds for local non-profit Solid Ground, which works to address racial justice, advocate for BIPOC communities, mitigate homelessness and poverty, and make a change. One person will win “Huk Dzap” (The Artist), a beautiful limited edition print by David R. Boxley (Ts’msyen) in conservation framing .

To enter our raffle:

-Make a donation directly to Solid Ground of $25 or more. Donate here.

-Take a screenshot or a photo of your donation receipt. This is your raffle ticket!

-Send your proof of donation to

-We will choose and contact the winner on Thursday night.

Thank you for participating!


A note on shipping: We will ship the framed print to you for free if you are within the continental US. If you are outside that area, we will need to charge shipping costs, but the print and framing remain free. 

Exhibition Dates:

June 3, 2020 - June 4, 2020