Weaving Wisdom and Warmth: Contemporary Master Weavers of the Northwest Coast

This highly anticipated group exhibition will showcase Stonington Gallery’s extraordinary weavers including Nancy Burgess, Chloe French, Clarissa Rizal, Bill and Fran James, June Parker, Betty Pasco, Susan Pavel, Ruth Peterson, Karen Reed, Isabel Rorick, Mary Lou Slaughter, Malynn Wilbur Foster, and Jane Wiseman. Artwork inspired by weaving will also be included such as weaving and textile design micro-mosaic beadwork jewelry by Courtney Lipson, glass Salish baskets by Marvin Olver, etc. Weaving is a seminal art form within all the communities up and down this coastal region and this exhibition will honor this tradition with a breathtaking collection of the finest weaving from every corner of the Northwest Coast.

Exhibition Dates:

October 1, 2009 - October 31, 2009

Involved Artists:

Deborah Head, Courtney Lipson, Susan Pavel, Jane Wiseman