Drew Michael: Shadows



Yup’ik/Inupiaq sculptor Drew Michael returns to Stonington Gallery with a small new body of work in winter 2018, kicking off our new year of exhibitions. Michael received a major and prestigious grant at the end of 2017, spurring the creation of new sculpture in his Alaska-based studio and a reinvigorated commitment to his sculptural practice. The works in “Shadows” will continue his evolving explorations of the intersections between traditional Native Alaskan art, what it means to be a contemporary Native Alaskan, Christian iconography, queer identity, and material culture.

Exhibition Dates:

February 1, 2018 - February 25, 2018

Involved Artists:

Drew Michael

Featured Works

Learn more about Drew Michael by reading his bio, his 2016 exhibition catalog, or watching a video:

On Drew Michael’s work:

On “Aggravated Organizms”, an exhibition of large mask forms representing challenges that face all Alaskans that toured through Alaskan communities for three and a half years, before undergoing a ritual transformation through burning outside the Anchorage Museum in 2016: