Delving Deep: An Exhibition of Works by Rick Bartow


Exhibition Dates:

January 30, 2021 - February 27, 2021

Featured Works

The Stonington Gallery is also honored and humbled beyond words to be able to highlight works by the late Rick Bartow. This solo exhibit, Delving Deep, is extraordinarily special. For those of you who knew Rick he had faced some of his darkest times in his journey on this planet and was able to use art as his outlet. He is a beautiful example of transformation and pouring his heart and soul into his work. We have so many fond memories of Rick in our gallery over the years and he was so at peace and eager to engage with any questions our audience had to ask. We look forward to giving you insight into some of the pastels, drypoints, monotypes, and sculptures. We would also love to hear your connection with Rick Bartow and any stories you might have. By telling parts of his story, we hope his art speaks to you about different times in his life and how he processed some of the hardships and came through the other side.