Thomas Stream: Look Closely

Thomas Stream (Sun’aq Aleut) paints the denizens of the air with brilliant gouache and in incredible detail. As a contemporary Aleut artist, Stream combines the iconography of his heritage with modern painting. Stream is inspired by the bentwood hunting hats of his Aleut ancestors, especially the spiral and dot patterns painted along their length. Paying tribute to his heritage, he places a visor on each animal he paints, and incorporates the traditional patterns into the bodies of his creatures.

For Look Closely Stream shucks the mold by filling in the backgrounds on behind his subjects, placing them in an environment every bit as realized as the animals themselves. Stream is able to use contrasting, knock-out color to dazzle the eye and draw the viewer ever closer in.

Exhibition Dates:

September 4, 2014 - September 27, 2014

Involved Artists:

Thomas Stream