Alano Edzerza: Northwest Coast Formline Art in Glass, Pencil, and Acrylic

For the first time, Stonington Gallery is proud to host a solo exhibition of new two- and three-dimensional works by young up-and-coming artist Alano Edzerza. Edzerza belongs to the Raven clan of the Tahltan Nation located in northwest British Columbia east of the Tlingit and north of the Tsimshian.  Edzerza’s glass sculpture and two-dimensional works have widespread appeal for their modern interpretations of the traditional principles of Northwest Coast formline art. Edzerza clearly understands and internalizes the traditional and formal aspects of Northwest Coast art, while successfully marrying them with modern aesthetics, as exemplified in his etched glass boxes and panels.

The formline designs that traditionally graced the iconic steam bent boxes or wooden wall panels are now etched into glass, while the lids and bases remain old growth cedar.  The outcome is exciting contemporary work merged with the foundations set by the great art of the old masters. His works can be found as the centerpiece of either the most chic, modern home or one with the most traditional of Northwest Coast art collections.

Exhibition Dates:

November 1, 2007 - November 30, 2007

Involved Artists:

Alano Edzerza