Still Alive, Not Petrified: James Madison

a solo exhibition

Stonington Gallery is proud to present James Madison’s Still Alive, Not Petrified. In his first solo exhibition with Stonington, he showcases his proficiency in storytelling through a diverse group of materials such as expertly carved wood, hand-blown glass, cut and cast metal, and custom-designed giclee prints.

In his own words, James Madison has a “spiritual connection” to wood. The natural world, as well as stories from his Tulalip and Tlingit backgrounds, feature heavily in Madison’s works. He has expressed that he feels Mother Nature is guiding him whenever he approaches a carving project, telling him which shapes and forms need to be “released” from the material he is carving. 

Though influenced by European artistic themes in some ways, such as the cubists Van Gogh and Picasso, Madison’s primary devotion is to his Native community, and the purpose of his artistic career—something his grandfather always taught him to remember—is to “keep culture alive and show that his people are not petrified.” Madison’s dedication to this tenet can be clearly seen in his contemporary media choices along with his fresh takes on long-told myths and legends.

Exhibition Dates:

May 4, 2023 - May 27, 2023

Involved Artists:

James Madison