Tradition Keepers: A Women’s Exhibition


This June we are proud to present Tradition Keepers, a group exhibition honoring and celebrating women of the Pacific Northwest Coast– their contributions, vibrancy, and creative spirit. Women are the essential source of life. They are incredible leaders, protectors, and healers. They are the teachers who pass on knowledge both present and past, while giving support and encouragement to the next generation. Through stories from long ago, through language and songs, and through art, sacred traditions are handed down by mothers, aunties, grandmothers, and community. Women are the warriors who pave the path for their children. The life lessons imparted on future generations are all wrapped in tradition–a bridge between past, present, and future.

We are so grateful for this magnificent exhibit bursting with the positive and powerful energy of amazing women artists. Feast your eyes on carvings, glass art, spruce root and cedar bark weavings, appliqué and beadwork, woven Chilkat masks, paintings on canvas and board, prints on handmade paper and fabric, and jewelry.

We hope you feel moved by the compelling stories of women whose collective past inspires resiliency and strength and awareness. We invite you to read the stories about what they think is vital to keeping these beautiful and unique art forms alive. And, most importantly, learn what they are doing to pass the techniques and traditions down to the next generation.

Exhibition Dates:

June 1, 2021 - June 28, 2021

Involved Artists:

Lena Snow Amason (Alutiiq)
Andrea Diane Cook (Haida)
Chloe French (Tlingit)
Malynn Foster (Squaxin Island/Skokomish)
Shgendootan George (Tlingit)
Judy Gobin (Tulalip)
Toni Jo Gobin (Tulalip)
Deborah Head (Tlingit/Haida)
Allie High (Aleut/ Haida/ Tsimshian)
Lily Hope (Tlingit)
Nikki McClure (Non-Indigenous)
Kandi McGilton (Ts’msyen)
Kelly O’Dell (Non-Indigenous)
Susan Pavel (Non-Indigenous)
Ruth Peterson (Non-Indigenous)
Paige Pettibon (Confederated Salish / Kootenai / Black)
Lillian Pitt (Warm Springs/ Wasco / Yakama)
Susan Point (Musqueam)
Randi Purser (Suquamish)
Karen Reed (Puyallup)
Isabel Rorick (Haida)
Trelace Sigo (Squaxin Island/Skokomish)
Gloria Mills Smith (Suquamish)
Lisa Telford (Haida)
Andrea Wilbur-Sigo (Squaxin Island)
Jennifer Angaiak Wood (Yup’ik)
Crystal Worl (Tlingit)

Featured Works