Prayer for the Rivers Rattle (Bears, Salmon, and Berries)

Spruce Roots, Sun-bleached Grass, Grass-dyed with Iron Oxide, Yellow Cedar, Carnelians, Haida Gwaii Agates and Turquoise, Metal Stand

This rattle is inspired by the Yakoun River. The weaving pattern displays the sky (a four strand band at the top), the water (a faint textured section below it), and the salmon (tan fish bone pattern), the bears (brown paws), and the gravel of the river (below the paws). Inside the rattle are Haida Gwaii miniature agates and turquoises, and the red salmon eggs are actually carnelians.

This rattle is a prayer for allof the organisms, fish and the animals who are sustained by the river’s health. Everything is connected like the river connects to the ocean. Life sustains life.