Raven Skyriver: PACIFIC

Opening Reception: First Thursday, August 4th 6-8pm

raven-smRaven Skyriver returns to Stonington Gallery after a whirlwind year of blowing, teaching and exhibiting in places as diverse as Japan, Turkey and Norway. He continues to add to his arsenal of techniques and expertise, using some of the most complex and difficult procedures to create marine creatures that are astoundingly lifelike.

The exhibition this year will bring an incredible Mahi Mahi  blown this past spring at Pilchuck Glass School, and many more works of dazzling coloration, gravity and audacity.

Scroll down to read Skyriver’s newest digital catalogue, presented by Stonington Gallery.

Exhibition Dates:

August 4, 2016 - August 28, 2016

Involved Artists:

Raven Skyriver