Winter 2020

Annual Framing & Framed Art Sale - EXTENDED!

The Stonington Gallery employs a full-time framer, the wonderful Terry Upshall, who frames 99% of the flat work you see in the gallery. But did you know that we will also frame works you bring in to us? Terry uses conservation-grade materials and is available each Tuesday-Saturday for consultations*.

From Jan 15- Feb 15  Extended to Feb 29!

-Take 20% off all new framing projects, regardless if they are work purchased in or out of the gallery.

-Take 20% off the framing cost of all framed works** in the gallery. We pre-frame many prints, paintings and flat media, and this is your opportunity to knock down the framing price and take home a piece ready for hanging.

-Any flat work you purchase with the gallery automatically qualifies for 20% off the framing costs if you choose to frame it with us.

Below are some examples of works that we currently have pre-framed in the gallery, all of which qualify for the sale. Take 20% off the cost of the framing of any of the works included in this selection. There are more on hand, as well!


*we recommend calling ahead to double-check that Terry is available for a framing consultation.

**sale extends only to works that have been framed by the gallery. The vast majority of our work is gallery-framed.

Exhibition Dates:

January 15, 2020 - February 29, 2020

Featured Works