Limited Edition Giclée


Winter 2020

“This print is released in sync with the dedication of Tacoma’s first welcome figure that honors the Puyallup village known as spuy’elepebS. The design makes use of the symbolic colors of Native palettes. The earth red color here signifies the healing power associated with Thunderbird by the Puyallup people long ago. Although it was believed that Thunderbird had white feathers the print and the painted dress pattern worn by the welcome figure convey a healing that is called upon for the devastation of losing a prominent village. Contrary to surrounding tribes who envision the Thunderbird as a massive creature who consumes whales, the Puyallup percieved the being to be no larger than a small hawk. It is an indication that power was not associated with mass and that the strength to heal was of equal if not greater importance in the philosophy of our ancestors. One that we can learn a great deal from today as we look to the future from where we are today.” -Shaun Peterson / Qwalsius