“It is in our quiet moments that we draw sustenance from those places of nature we have touched. Whether it’s a wild creature or a wild place, just knowing it’s there gives us a sense of peace. As we reflect on our evocative encounters with the natural world we instinctively move to physically touch a symbol of those connections.”

-Joan Tenenbaum, 2017.

We welcome fine art jeweler Joan Tenenbaum (Non-Indigenous) back to the gallery to show the work in silver, gold and precious stones that she has been creating all year.

As always, Tenenbaum is deeply inspired by the landscape, ecology, and animal life of the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, and draws the colors and textures of the region into her exquisitely-crafted jewelry. In this exhibition she will present animal forms in their landscapes and habitats, crafted with the utmost precision for which she is known. Join us to discover what she has in store for this December exhibition!



Exhibition Dates:

December 4, 2017 - December 31, 2017

Involved Artists:

Joan Tenenbaum

Featured Works