Dennis Allen

a solo exhibition

This February, Stonington Gallery will be showcasing artwork by elder Skokomish (Twana) tribal member, Dennis Allen, who has been dedicated to his craft for thirty years. This long term diligence is most evident in the masterfully carved details and expertly painted clean lines of his work. Allen’s art is inspired by the many legends that have been passed down to him through his family. He creates meaningful images that stem from his love of the natural world and his connection to tradition. In this exhibition, he is expanding his career into new mediums and dimensions that bring the traditional into the contemporary. Allen is an active member of the Native community and is an integral contributor to the ongoing revival of Coast Salish art. Stonington is proud to showcase his excellent catalog of paddles, panels, boxes, and prints, which will be on display.

Exhibition Dates:

February 2, 2023 - February 25, 2023

Involved Artists:

Dennis Allen

Featured Works