Woolly Dog Bentwood Box

Open Edition Hand Carved Yellow and Red Cedar, Acrylic Paint


Dennis Allen

The “Woolly” dog referenced here–also known as the Salish Wool Dog or Comox dog–is a now-extinct breed of dog that the Salish people of Washington and British Columbia bred specifically for their fur, which resembled that of wool! These dogs were likely of the Spitz variety, and were raised completely separate from other village dogs so that their fleece retained the highest quality possible. It was often used as yarn for such items as clothing and blankets.

The Wool Dog’s population began its decline in 1827, when the Hudson Bay Company began to sell its own sheep wool blankets and clothing to surrounding communities, making the slower method of raising/using the Wool Dogs increasingly obsolete. As far as we know, the last Salish Wool Dog died in 1940.

This box is a commemoration to this special historical breed of man’s best friend.