The Head Adorned: Helmets, Hats, Frontlets, Masks & Jewelry

dsc_1417Stonington Gallery presents The Head Adorned, a group exhibit that honors the rich heritage of headgear among tribes of the Pacific Northwest Coast. The sheer variety of headgear found in this region eloquently symbolizes the importance placed on these extraordinary objects. During ritual native dance and ceremony, the endless expressiveness of the human face is changed through adornment: the dancer is made huge and terrifying; rendered subtle and sleek; warped into otherness or Morphed into the features of any familiar mythic character.

Included in this exhibit will be hats, helmets, headdresses, masks, and ceremonial jewelry by the incredible artists at Stonington Gallery including Rick Bartow, Joe David, Chloe French, Fred Fulmer, Phil Gray, Scott Jensen, Betty and Duane Pasco, Isabel Rorick, Hib Sabin, Cheryl Samuel, Thomas Stream, Joan Tenenbaum and many more.

Join us at the exhibit opening when Fred Fulmer and his dance group, Lingit Kusti, will perform and Isabel Rorick will speak about her baskets. Don’t miss the unique opportunity when Bill Holm will lecture and present slides on the vast and fascinating history of headgear on the Northwest Coast. Wednesday, July 28th, 7 pm.

Exhibition Dates:

July 1, 2010 - July 31, 2010

Involved Artists:

Joe David, Chloe French, Phil Gray, Scott Jensen, Qwalsius–Shaun Peterson, Thomas Stream, Joan Tenenbaum