Preston Singletary: Bronze, Glass & Paper

A Solo Exhibition

Stonington Gallery is proud to announce its first exhibition by renowned Tlingit artist Preston Singletary. New limited edition bronzes designed by Singletary make their debut, alongside an exquisite selection of patterned glass baskets and limited edition prints. The exhibit will also showcase a comprehensive selection of Singletary’s limited edition serigraph prints, as well as his Tlingit Glass Basket series, based on the woven bark and root baskets that have been made by Tlingit women for millennia.

Exhibition Dates:

October 3, 2013 - October 31, 2013

Involved Artists:

Preston Singletary

Featured Works

For many years Singletary has been captivated by an old family story: when his great-grandmother was a child she raised a bear cub as a pet, and kept it for some time in her home. Inspired by the tale, Singletary designed a magnificent seven foot tall totem pole—including the prominent characters of the bear cub and his great-grandmother—and had it cast in bronze. With its rich patina and soulful details, this monumental bronze Family Story Totem is a testament to Singletary’s visionary design, and his continuing commitment to working with a variety of media.

Joining the Family Story Totem are smaller bronzes designed by Singletary, with characters leaping straight from myth into materiality. A Raven in gold and red bronze catches the disk of the moon —in frosted glass—in its beak, the sinuous formline design appearing to shift and move all along the sculpture.

Digital exhibition catalogue: