Thinking of Raven

A Group Exploration

Stonington Gallery kicks off the 2014 exhibition season with Thinking of Raven, a thoughtful and creative exploration about the mythic character of Raven.

 Works in media as varied as glass, prints, jewelry, wood and metal sculpture will explore lesser-known sides of this character who is central in so many myths from far and wide along the Pacific Northwest Coast. Artists will consider questions such as: who is Raven in our modern world, and where do we see him (or her?) in popular culture? Is Raven—a trickster figure—a villain, a hero or somewhere in between?  Raven stories are so central, so known, and so widespread in mythic tradition; what makes this character so popular and lasting?

Exhibition Dates:

February 6, 2014 - February 28, 2014

Involved Artists:

Robert Barratt, Rick Bartow, Alison Bremner, Chloe French, Nicholas Galanin, Aleph Geddis, Jay Haavik, Jerry Hill, Scott Jensen, John Marston, Qwalsius–Shaun Peterson, Hib Sabin, Preston Singletary, Thomas Stream, Joan Tenenbaum,