Hib Sabin: States of Awareness

Hib Sabin makes a triumphant return to Stonington Gallery with a solo exhibit, States of Awareness. Featuring a handful of exquisite new carvings in juniper, the exhibit also debuts a new bronze and several beloved bronzes that have not been seen at the gallery for years.

Sabin uses bird forms to represent human souls or spirits. Whether asleep or aware, bound or free, traveling or stationary, they are each rendered with captivating detail and skill. As Sabin enters his 80th year, he proves his mastery of expression in wood, with delicate humanoid figures and expressive birds. Over the years, he has shifted from the abstract to a more realistic style, where every feather and talon is rendered with purpose and detail.

Exhibition Dates:

August 6, 2015 - August 29, 2015

Involved Artists:

Hib Sabin