Staff Picks

Selecting from the choicest of the choice, the Stonington Staff has picked twelve works from the Gallery’s renowned collection to exhibit during the month of March. Each staff member has chosen two pieces with which we sense a deep connection that is felt when we encounter these works. From jewelry to carvings, textiles to prints, many of these pieces are the most striking from an artist’s greater body of work, while others carry an intangible resonance almost impossible to describe. These pinnacle works will be displayed with accompanying commentary by a Stonington staff-member, illuminating our perception of the piece and why it provokes such a distinct reaction in us. The process of selecting these pieces has been a wonderful experience for Stonington’s staff, and has reacquainted us with some of our favorite artists and works!

Exhibition Dates:

March 3, 2011 - March 31, 2011

Featured Works